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Not sure where to start? ADAPT can guide you through every stage of your transition. Whether you're beginning your career, relocating, expanding your practice, or planning for retirement, ADAPT has you covered. 

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Find a Job

I am a student or associate who wants to join an established practice where I can grow my career.

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Buy a Practice

Buy a Practice

I want to purchase all or part of a practice. The current dentist could retire or plan to work for a while longer.

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Sell My Practice

I am looking to sell or retire and want someone to take over, either right away or after a transition period.

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Hire Associates

Hire Associates

I am expanding my practice and need a qualified person who shares my goals and approach to care.

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Find a Mentor

I am looking to strengthen my business and clinical skills before purchasing a practice.

Expand my practice

I want to retire from clinical dentistry but am not yet ready to sell my practice. I am willing to mentor my future buyer.